When Staging and Organizing Come Together

when home organizing meets home staging

Peggy is a senior preparing to move from her home in Severna park MD into a retirement apartment in Annapolis MD and overwhelmed with the details of the upcoming move. She didn’t know where to begin and couldn’t separate what needed to be done into manageable projects. She was stressed and confused by the many organizing projects and decisions to make. I recommended that her primary focus be to stage her home, confident that organizational issues would be simplified by the staging process.

At the staging consult we discussed what needed to be done in order to prepare her home for sale. I was hired to provide hands on staging services and accessories. A detailed, prioritized checklist of manageable projects was provided to prepare for staging. I determined what stayed for staging; Peggy was then able to determine what to do with what remained.

Now that there was a plan in place for staging, Peggy and I decided on one pre-move organizing session to be sure she was ready for staging. We set Peggy up for both a quick and successful sale of her home, as well as a successful and efficient move.

Peggy’s house did sell quickly! But she was still concerned about everything she wanted to take with her fitting in the new apartment. Our next project will address those concerns. We will create a floorplan of the new apartment to determine how the furniture will fit. We will also work together to ensure that once she is moved in, she can live efficiently and comfortably in a downsized property.

It was a wonderful experience to be able to bring together organizing and staging services. Working with seniors to downsize their homes, while retaining what they find important, is a rewarding experience. I can’t wait to continue working with Peggy and others like her.