The One-In One-Out Rule Applies to Hobbies too!

January is a great month for getting back into those hobbies we don’t make a priority in the busier months. New Year Resolutions combined with wet and chilly weather keeping us indoors means we have the motivation and the time to get back into old hobbies or start new ones.

It can be so exciting to start something new and see the end result in our minds eye. A trip to a Joann Fabrics or William Sonoma can be fun in and of itself. However, often times we start and don’t finish our projects and hobbies. We clutter closets with the ghost of hobbies past. When the New Year comes and we find ourselves with the time and inclination to get back into the spirit of crafting, we are often overwhelmed by the crafting chaos. We can’t decide which project to start with and often aren’t sure HOW to get started.

Like any aspect of our lives, a little organizing helps us to focus our mind and provides guidelines that work whether you are doing taxes or deciding between knitting booties or learning to make souffle. It’s all about the preparation. When restarting an old hobby or finding a new one, be sure to set some ground rules for yourself. I have a few to help you get started:

  1. Define a set amount of space for storage and active use of hobby materials and decide what full looks like.
  2. Rate any current and potential hobbies on complexity and enjoyment. Be sure to think about the time and space the hobby takes up and the maintenance required.
  3. Decide if you are going to commit to finishing the projects. If you can’t commit, set yourself free of the weight of an undone project and move forward.
  4. Acknowledge the fun of the purchase, but remember that if you aren’t enjoying your hobby, it is negatively affecting your now and your future.
  5. Hold fast to One In and One Out. Don’t let yourself stray from the limits you created.

January is a fantastic month for renewal and fresh starts. There is a great satisfaction in creating something with your own two hands and hobbies allow us to incorporate that feeling into our lives on our own time. When we use organizing strategies to help us keep our crafting under control we can turn that fresh start into a long term lifestyle.