Staging a Different Lifestyle in 2020

COVID-19 has turned our homes into our offices, schools and entertainment centers. Highlighting how a home can function well with these changes is essential. Features of a property that were previously seen as a detractor are now an asset. What once may have been removed as a distraction may now be showcased to show maximum usefulness in a space.

Enhance the Office – COVID-19 is accelerating the work from home transition, making a home office paramount in staging. Stage to show the home office can be private and productive. Remote work statistics support this as a vital staging update… Read More

Highlight Organization – Storage and good function will be more important than ever with more individuals together in the home at the same time.  As always, clutter-free surfaces and closets are essential. In addition, with the increased the number of packages delivered to our homes, simulating a Package Processing Zone will help buyers visualize how they will function in their new home.

Imagine indoor fun and relaxation – Kids are home more, movie theaters are closed, and shopping is limited. Let the buyer imagine quality family time by displaying games and snacks in family areas and/or out of the main areas of the home. Show mom she’ll have a place to retreat too also.

Make room for exercise – Stage a dedicated area for exercise in the home. If no separate room is available, then placing a yoga mat and supplies in a guestroom or home office could be the way to go.

Play up outdoor fun – At- home entertainment is a must given COVID-19 limitations. Pools are now in demand. Make their surroundings attractive and showcase them with colorful floats. Create appealing backyard spaces with suggestion for play spaces, casual seating around a fire pit and showcase outdoor dining as well.

Make space for students  – Virtual Learning means dedicated study space. Help parents visualize their children’s life in a new home. A centrally located Study Space where school work can be over-seen should take priority over display shelves or any other non/low-function space.

Before COVID, TLC Home emphasized giving each room in a house a distinct identity. Now the identity of the house is most important: this a good home to live in during these changing times. Multi-use spaces and re-envisioning how space is used is essential to highlight how an individual, a couple, or a family can live, work, and socialize at home.