Best of 2020 Staging

We are excited to share some of our favorites from this past year. The challenges that came from COVID-19 affected us all, from masks and social distancing to a shift in priorities in how we utilize, and stage, our homes. Staging offices and study spaces became the norm and for the first time, TLC Home even staged a pool house. We hope you enjoy these staged spaces.

Best Living Room

It was a pleasure for TLC Home to stage this Eastport waterfront.
The fabulous home and view inspired this casual elegant décor

Best Mini-Touch

Showing a student study space became a necessity in 2020.

Best Child’s Room

The proximity to Washington DC inspired the use of our National Book Fair art for this Rockville townhouse.

Best Budget Project

TLC Home created a strong first impression to help this small one-story, Glen Burnie home sell quickly.
Talk about a big bang for your buck!

Best Tablescape

TLC Home just loves the way the casual living room style and contrasting warm color was carried right into the adjoining dining space.

Best Unique Space

We were thrilled to stage a Pool House for the first time. Incorporating so much bright color was especially fun!

Best TLC Touch/Occupied Staging

Best Master Bedroom

Staging a Federal Hill rowhome gave us the opportunity to create a young, fun space. Bold colors and textured bedding combined with the exposed brick for a lively and vibrant environment.

Best Office

Another 2020 staging necessity became the addition of the home office.
We showed a space where someone can spend a productive day in comfort.

Best Staging Success Story

This Millersville property initially sat vacant for 134 days. 16 days post-staging, a contract was offered.