How NOT to Spring Clean

how not to spring clean

Spring is a season of light, warmth, flowers and spring cleaning. But who wants to spend these warm and breezy days cleaning? Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your time with family or at spring events? With cleaning on the brain, spring is a great time to consider not-cleaning and hiring professionals. TLC Home recommends hiring professional cleaning services to our clients, and to everyone else. Hiring a cleaning company gives you more time for activities you want to enjoy and pushes you to maintain home organization.

Time is a precious commodity that is nonrefundable. Cleaning requires time and concentration to achieve quality results. When it comes to cleaning your home there are three main choices: have a dirty home and spend your time on what’s more important; do it yourself and have less time with family and friends; or hire one of the many fine cleaning services in the Annapolis area and spend your time where you decide. Each choice has a downside. One affects health, one limits time, and one costs money.

A common thread among my organizing clients is a lack of routine in home maintenance, tidying, and cleaning. Clients often express dissatisfaction with their ability to maintain their home on any of these levels. The key to success for maintaining an organized home is to decide what is most important and how you are going to achieve it. Hiring a cleaning service forces you to create tidying routines and can make maintaining your home easier to manage. It can also feel like a failure. Many households feel like they should be able to handle the cleaning themselves. But not-cleaning isn’t failure. It’s an assignment of priorities. Choosing to spend your precious time with family, friends, or yourself is a positive, not a negative.

Having a cleaning service may seem intrusive or tedious. But for twenty-five years I have come home every two weeks and felt gratitude. I have never once been unaffected by the result, especially in springtime. Hiring a cleaning lady has allowed me to focus more on my family, my work, myself, and my home. By hiring a cleaning service, I created a tidying schedule that fits into my life, allowed more time for organizing routines, and have been able maintain my home to a higher degree than I would have without it.