Update Your Preferences to Get Organized!

What progress have you made with your resolution? As January comes to a close, many struggle with their resolve to get organized. In truth, most people have already abandoned any attempt to forge a path ahead. If this is the case,  a little self examination is in order.

Try Updating Your Preferences! When you join a site or sign up for a new organization, you fill out your preferences for what you want. Do you want to learn information about events? Get alerts for sales and deals? Receive newsletters? Options are available to you and periodically you can go back and update your preferences. When people create a resolution, they do the exact same thing! They are choosing what is important and what goals take precedence. Many of those who struggle with keeping their home organized are overwhelmed with how to get to an organized space. They see what their home is like now and they know what they would like it to be, but they can’t see the path to the end result.  To simplify organizing your home, you must choose to adapt to your new lifestyle, interests and tastes. You must Update Your Preferences.

A great method to conquer the clutter and chaos, in this case,  is to use the one-in-one-out policy. Once you have a designated space for a particular item, you make choices based on the space available. If you buy a new sweater, you have to get rid of an old one. Organization is making a series of choices in answer to a question. That question can be a little different for each person, but it is imperative to customize your own personal barometer to measure your wants and needs against, just as Marie Kondo asks “Does it Spark Joy?”

The old standby is “Do I use it, need it, love it?”  Or you can try:

     Does this help me live healthier?

     Will this make living more or less stressful?

     Am I living in the past or living for now?

     Does this help me reach my goals?

     Good for Me? Bad for Me?

Pick from the above or create your own! Let me know in the comments below.