Sanctuary: The Connection between Health and Organization

January is the month of resolution for most people. The most common resolution is to Get Healthy! and the second is to Get Organized. Most people however, fail to tie to the two together. Looking through my files I found a perfect example of how these two important decisions are connected and how a professional organizer can help.


The homeowner of this bedroom, we’ll call her Mary, was the winner of a NAPO contest. Her prize: one room in her home organized! It included a budget for fresh organization tools and a special treat. Mary is the matriarch of a family that included three generations in one townhome. She also works full time. To say her life is busy is an understatement. Mary had no time for herself, and no space for herself. And while her husband is wonderful and tidy (note the left side of the bed), her life is a little too stressful to keep up with the everyday. 

When I came in to help, Mary’s bedroom was disorganized and full of make-do solutions. She didn’t have a coordinated system in place and needed to simplify organizing methods. After purging  her closets, we helped her prioritize her needs and wants and added something she had always desired. A Comfy chair next to a sunny window. This chair is virtually the only item in her home just for herself. Even the bed is for two! With a little effort and and a simplified organization system, we were able to turn her bedroom into a sanctuary, a place to destress and regroup after a long day at work. Having a place just for you in your home is crucial to destressing and resetting for a new day. Getting organized can set you on the path to getting healthy.