Organize for Healthier Relationships

Has anyone damaged a relationship because they were always late, or they were too busy or overwhelmed to put care into a relationship? Putting effort into time management and home organization can reduce stress and make spending time with friends and family a more frequent and less stressful event. Whether it is with your Friends, Children, Partner, or Yourself, organizing your home can positively impact your relationships.

Be a Friend. Other than Facebook, are you able to make friendships a priority? Do you have time and energy for book club or girl’s night out? Do you feel comfortable having neighbors in your home? In a 2010 analysis, found that people with stronger social connections were 50% more likely to live longer than those with weaker connections. That makes the impact of friendlessness comparable to that of smoking.
Be in control. Allow for better parent-child relationships. You can start each day fighting with children to get them out the door on time, well fed, properly dressed, and with their homework. Then continue the day fighting to get them to activities with their supplies, get them to do their homework and to bed at a reasonable time or you can do it cheerfully. Good systems make all the difference. Decide on a system and communicate it!
Get rid of roommate problems. Some couples confuse roommate problems with marriage problems. Simple routines and chore negotiation reduces contention and unnecessary arguments. Organization not only reduces stress, it allows for more time together, more energy, and more romance!
Feel Good about Yourself. Do you have a good relationship with yourself? When you are organized you feel good about yourself. Being in control of your life gives you confidence and pride. That’s what organization is all about. It’s making the decision to feel good, be your healthiest and do what it takes to get there, doing less of what is bad for you and more of what is good for you. 
Organization helps you prioritize your goals and gives you more time, money and sanity to achieve healthy relationships.