Find Your Starting Point: Before and After Garage

Early in my career I had a client “Jane” that really provided insight into how a lack of organizational systems in the home can affect a family financially, physically, emotionally and mentally. Neither Jane nor her husband “John” had grown up with in organized homes and as adults, they both had different organizational issues. Four young children and irregular work schedules further exacerbated  the  problem. 


Jane and John wanted to get organized but couldn’t find a starting point. They were overwhelmed and stressed with the process. It didn’t help that the disorganization aggravated health issues in the family. When TLC Home became involved, one of the first tasks we tackled was to conquer the chaos of the garage. We sorted through the chaos to find multiples of nearly everything, some still in the package! 


The repeat purchasing here and  in the rest of the home made it clear that the cost of disorganization could affect a family financially not just in the long term, but in short term expenditures as well. We were able to utilize home supplies to create an simple organization system and give the family a space the could work from.


 With the chaos conquered in the garage the family found their starting point. Next was to utilize the family and their talents. Bringing the meticulous work skills of pharmacy into the home was crucial to Jane’s mindset, and involving the children gave each person some responsibility for their environment and made getting organized a family priority.