Welcome to March

Welcome to March. Otherwise known as Terry’s least favorite month of the year. Not to be a downer, but… the weather, the wait for spring, the allergies…all vex me. If I could go south for 31 days, I would. 
The reality is, I’m here for the duration, so how do I deal? I organize!  This month I’ll double-down on productivity to keep my thoughts positive and to prepare for the busiest season just ahead. Here are some ideas for how to do more, stay positive, and enjoy, rather than endure, the next 31 days.
Take planning to the next level –   March requires a full month of planning ahead. Incorporate something new into each week’s routine. Focus on energy management and minimizing stress.Try to get better at something and finishing what you start. Most importantly, have enjoyable tasks spread throughout the month.
Hire help – Sometimes getting more done requires two more hands or another brain. It’s satisfying to get something done, while you’re getting something done. The company can be nice too…or even inspiring, if you enjoy collaboration. 
Get moving – Sunday, March 12th begins daylight savings time. YAAAAY!! This is a great time to add a new routine to your exercise regimen. The extra daylight is invigorating and the time devoted will come back to you in added energy. 
Just fix it! – Or paint it or haul it away. Pick a project from that nagging list of home repairs or improvements and commit to completion. The gratification gained is immense and if you knock out a task or two  this month, you’ll have more time for fun when spring arrives.
Drink green beer – March isn’t all bad. When  planning the month, take the time to find and schedule a special event or outing. Expose yourself to something new culturally, physically or artistically. To get more done, make this a multi- purpose activity by inviting family or friends to go along.