New Year Resolution or Whatever Gets You Organizing

Have you heard?! Intentions and Affirmations are the new Goals and Resolutions. That’s cool. Whatever your method; change = good. Change keeps you alert and excited and creates “change muscle memory,” useful for when change is vital (adaptability.)

Language and concepts matter. As a busy mom, aching for a sense of control, I decided to run my home as a lean mean home-making machine. The phrase was mantra-like catchy and the concept vivid. I wasn’t longing for June Cleaver perfect. I wanted a clean and tidy home, food on the table at regular intervals, and the ability to get kids out the door on time, adequately dressed. (“No stains, no holes” was my bar in the mom years.)

Once described and imagined, the goal became do-able. Fully charged with the excitement of improvement ahead, I made a series of organizational tweaks, as well as some major renovations. I ventured on to what became a life-time of developing the skills and implementing the efficiencies necessary to give my family the home and care of my personal standards.

If you are ready for change in your life, pick whichever concept or word choice that works for you. Then GO! I’m sticking with “Goals” because goal setting works for me. I’m ready and willing to make organizational changes… as needed…but, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Right?!