Transition Pitfall #9: The Gollum Effect

Most of us know Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He held onto something he considered precious, even to his own peril. The inability to release an object or objects can be self-defeating.

One client, Cynthia, had a goal of simplifying her life. She recognized the need to set up systems in her mostly system-free home. Her house was small and stuff was everywhere. Getting herself and two young daughters out the door was a terrible struggle. She had three cabinets in her living and dining area filled with not only her china (that she never used) but also her parents’ and her husband’s parents’ china. These were cabinets that could have been used for storing used items in an organized way and freeing up living space.

The Gollum Effect also applies to a state of living; it can create an inertia that can keep us from moving forward on our goals. It may even keep us from having goals. One cannot both hold onto the past and move forward.

Let TLC Home help you let go so you can move forward!