Transition Pitfall #10: Falling for the “Time on your hands” Factor

Remember when telling someone the phrase “You’ve got time on your hands” had only a mild, amusing meaning? Now they’re fighting words. We take it as an insult. We fear being perceived as unproductive. Sometimes, even when a transition offers the time to rest and reflect, we rush through the process and make poor decisions or no decisions and get to the other side thoughtlessly.

One client had a husband whose approach to company coming was to take the clutter and shove it in corners and under surfaces.  Even if they had time to put things away properly, he would rush through so that the job would be over and done with.  He didn’t realize his wife then spent a couple weeks unearthing the clutter from its hidey holes and putting it away properly.  TLC Home helped them come up with systems that kept the clutter from getting to the point that the husband would get overwhelmed, so the arrival of company meant a quick once over for stray toys and objects rather than a whole house instant makeover.

Stuck on what your goals are?  TLC Home has helped many clients work through their mental chaos to focus on a few, achievable goals and then move forward towards achieving those goals through maintainable systems.