Transition Pitfall #3: Ignoring Major Effects of Minor Transitions

Sometimes we prepare for the larger transitions, but don’t think to prepare for the smaller transitions like:

  • a new pet
  • an illness
  • a vacation
  • home improvement
  • taking up a new hobby or sport, and
  • disappointment or any emotional disturbance… anything that knocks you out of your rhythm.

These smaller transitions can cause stress too!  It might be as small as a child starting a new sport, which disrupts the family schedule and results in arrivals to practice late and without necessary equipment.  I know someone who recently drove her daughter to a State championship meet, but got the address wrong.  By the time they got to the correct location, her daughter literally had seconds before they announced her name.  You can imagine how stressed the whole family was!

By failing to recognize that a transition is occurring, the change can become an energy and time sink.  For example, if you are renovating your kitchen and don’t have a plan in place before work begins, you might find you have blown your budget on takeout within the first week.  Sometimes organization means dealing with tangible things, but a lot of times it really involves organizing life so that you have more free time and are not exhausted from responding to the latest emergency.  I have experience helping individuals and families organize their routines and their belongings to allow for more calm and order.  And who couldn’t use a little more of that?