Memorial Day Mayhem

Ma’am…please…step away from the bargain!

Memorial Day Weekend…Yea!! This marvelous way to kick off summertime allows for plenty of time for home, family, fun and…shopping! Commercials and advertisements are encouraging us to save money by spending it. How tempting!…and how easy it is to fill your home with unnecessary items. So, before you make a purchase you may regret, ask yourself:

Do I have the space to store it? Will I be able to access it easily? Am I willing to get rid of something to make room? Does this add to the clutter?

Is it a fantasy purchase? Does it have actual use or are you thinking- I might use this, this could be fun, or we should have one of these?

Am I reacting to the good deal? Is this a real bargain or am I complicating my life rather than simplifying it? Will I regret this when I get home? If it’s a mistake, will I get rid of it?

Is this filling a void? Is shopping a way to kill time or can you find more meaningful activites? Are you purchasing an item simply because- I’ve never had one of these before.


Remember: Everything you purchase you need to use/admire, store, clean and maintain.