Springtime Activities for the Family

There is so much to love about spring, and there are endless amounts of activities offered throughout the city.  Here are some of our favorites, which happen to be free, require minimal effort and keep us active — pretty darn perfect in my book!  With the craziness of life, it’s often the simplest things in life that are the most enjoyable and that’s usually my goal.

  1. Walks: Heading out with no real plan always leads to something enjoyable (most of the time). I grew up on a river so we usually head toward water, either the Tidal Basin, Capitol Reflection Pool, or Yards Park. For long-distance walks, we walk along the Mall and check out the monuments. Georgetown is one of our favorite places to walk, and we don’t head over there frequently but in the springtime it’s a must.  There are so many shops to window-shop and side streets with beautiful homes. The architecture within this city is beautiful!
  2. Picnics: Packing up food, a blanket, soccer ball, and stopping to enjoy a picnic is another springtime must.  We get fresh air, the cleanup is simple, and it’s free! Sometimes our picnics happen in the yard and that can be just as fun.

  1. Coffee Shops + Bakeries: Okay, so this is really all-year round for me. It’s a weakness and isn’t free… But there are so many and who doesn’t want to sit outside with some coffee and a treat?! Some favorites include Firehook, Bayou Bakery and Pineapples & Pearls.
  2. Hitting up the Markets: There’s something about markets in the spring. Our favorites are Eastern Market + Union Market. Good food, lots of activity and great people watching!
  3. Museums + Arboretum: We visit the Smithsonian museums often, mostly on rainy days. They’re free and almost all of them have kids’ centers, which are great for toddlers. Our favorites include American Indian and Air & Space. The Arboretum is a beautiful place to visit in the spring, and there’s plenty of outdoor space for Olivia to run around. It’s another great place to pack a picnic!
  4. Porch Dining: Cleaning the porch is on the top of my to-do list as soon as spring hits. Eating on the porch is so refreshing whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner and once again, the cleanup is easy. A glass of wine is always a nice touch but that will have to wait until after baby arrives…
  5. Block Walks, Stoop Sitting: We’re constantly strolling the block or sitting on our stoop for some quick fresh air + sunshine. Breaking out the chalk and bubbles is entertaining for the little one, although she’s very happy just walking and exploring on her own.

I hope this list inspired you to do something affordable + enjoyable this spring!