Springin’ It Up!

Nesting has certainly amplified my spring-cleaning game over here. There are so many ways to prepare the house for spring and the list could go on and on. So instead of sharing everything you could do, I’m just going to share ways that I spring it up in our house… And it’s important to note that I don’t do this all in one day. I always break it up to make it easier on myself.

  1. Declutter Clothing + Cabinets: I start here every season. As I go through the clothing closet, I try to donate items that I didn’t wear this past season or that I haven’t worn for the past couple seasons. It’s much easier to donate items that I haven’t worn for the past couple seasons rather than just this last season – but I always try! I toss worn/damaged items such as tank tops and tees.
    • This is the first season where I used Thred Up while cleaning up my wardrobe. It’s an online secondhand clothing shop that sells top clothing brands like Gap, Loft, J.Crew… If you’re looking to clean out + sell your clothing, they will ship a large bag for you to put your items in. Then UPS picks the bag up right from your doorstep! After they check all items to make sure they are in good condition they post and sell them online. It’s so easy and you can make money! You can even have them donate the money to a charity.
  2. Wipe Down Surfaces: I use warm water and soap to wipe down and scrub baseboards, cabinets, walls, refrigerator, and kitchen appliances.
  3. Dust, Dust, Dust: Dust quickly collects on the fans so I usually vacuum them every month or so, but it’s always on my spring-cleaning to-do list as well. We replace our air vent filters about every other season. The air filters can be purchased online or in your local grocery store. If you have pets, more family members, or family members with allergies than you may want to change them more frequently. But it really just depends on how dirty they are…
  4. Clear out the Gunk – Dishwasher/Washing Machine: Our dishwasher and front-loading washing machine build up gunk, which makes it stink! I run a vinegar wash through both. For the dishwasher, I frequently clear the drain to ensure nothing is blocking it. When I clean it each spring, I run an empty cycle through a hot-water cycle with only a cup of vinegar sitting on the upper shelf. For the front-loading washing machine, I regularly wipe down the drain and rubber tubing around the door where it collects gunk. When I clean it every spring, I place about ¾ cup of white vinegar in the bleach dispenser and run an empty load on the hottest setting with an extra rinse.
  5. Clear those Windows: I wash our windows regularly because Olivia is always looking out them with dirty palms. But it’s also on my to-do list for spring-cleaning. If you’re cleaning the outside of the windows, it’s good to do so on a cloudy day so the sun doesn’t create harsh dry marks on the windows.
  6. Spruce up the Porch: I begin by washing cushions, tables, and chairs using the hose. Last year we had a large amount of green algae on our back stairs and along the trim of our porch. I used oxygen bleach powder mixed with water and used a scrubber to remove it. It worked wonders! You can order the oxygen bleach online or find it in many stores. Fill a bowl of warm water and pour in some of the powder so it dissolves. Simply pour the solution over the algae and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then scrub it away!
  7. Freshen + Lighten the Linens: I clean all bedding, throw pillows and throw blankets. I switch out heavier blankets and pillowcases for some lighter + brighter ones.
  8. Bring on the Flowers: Brighten up the day with some flowers, open the windows and turn up the music! So refreshing!

Anyone have ways that they are springin’ it up around their house?