Keeping up with the Mail

Olivia has a love hate relationship with the mailman.  She loves watching him deliver mail to our block as she sits in the window, and gets excited when she sees he has delivered our mail.  She yells “thank you!” after he has left. But if she is playing and he unexpectedly delivers the mail through our front door, she gets so startled.  She won’t stand or play by the front door for this reason.

Mail is constantly entering the house so it’s easily one of the biggest problem areas.  You know how the mail comes in and goes right to a pile that just builds and builds, becoming so overwhelming that you hold off as long as possible to go through it?  Well you’re not alone, but there is a way to stay on top of it.  As long as you make it a habit and are consistent, the mail is manageable.  It’s no longer a dreadful task!

  • Create an Inbox: and just ONE inbox.  This is a space for incoming mail that needs to be completed (bills, forms), along with a space for outgoing mail.  Papers that need to be filed can be placed in this space as well.  Keep a pen and stamps here so that you don’t have to delay the outgoing mail.
  • Toss Junk Mail: Toss the junk mail as soon as you get the mail.  You can keep a trashcan by your inbox if that helps.
  • Place Magazines/Newspapers in a Basket: When you get the mail place the magazines and newspapers in a designated basket.  Go through the basket each month to purge.
  • Filing System: Use a filing bin/drawer for important papers (taxes, medical documents, etc).
  • Take the Time: Designate a few minutes each day or an hour a week to organize your mail.  Whatever works for you! Just make it a habit.
  • Go Autopay and Paperless

Anyone have strategies for tackling mail? We’d love to hear!