I Love a Three-fer!

I don’t believe in multi- tasking, but multi-purposing…now there’s a time saver. I am preparing for a trade show this week-end and the theme is managing your to- dos. I needed an activity to keep visitors at my table, so I created a quiz for them to take.

Whats’ the three-fer (three-for-one)? The hours spent on this quiz are being used for my TLC Home Newsletter and this Blog, as well as a draw-in activity for the October Fest event. Now that’s getting something done!

I also used my delegating skills and had my daughter write the Rate Your Score portion…she did a great job! Take the quiz and see how your to do management skills fit into the TLC scale.

What’s Your To Do I.Q.?

Choose the number (1-4) that best describes your response to each of the following statements:

1 = rarely or never

2 = sometimes

3= quite often

4= almost always


__ I don’t keep up with daily tasks

__ Leave the house when overwhelmed with too many things to do.

__ The clutter in my house is the result of too many things to do.

__ I feel guilty when going out on the weekends.

__I do not like to delegate.

__ I do not keep a to do list.

__ I struggle with time management.

__ I rarely complete projects I begin.

__ I do not have a chores routine.

__ I feel busy, but am not productive.

__ I keep lots of to do lists..but can’t find them when I need them.

__ I miss appointments.

__ I don’t get bills paid on time.

__ I get household to –dos done, but no hobbies or fun activities.

Rating Your Score

56 – 43 There is so much to gain from keeping up with To-Dos! Following a To-Do chart can decrease your stress levels and increase you productivity significantly. To-Do charts will free up time for pursuits you and your family enjoy, instead of being in the position of constantly catching up. At this stage you would benefit from outside knowledge and encouragement.

42 – 29 While it’s not so bad that nothing gets done, To-Do organization is still a difficult and less used part of your life.  As you continue on this path, the disorganization will eventually become too much. By restarting and recommitting to a more structured system of To-Dos, you can turn life around and resume sharing those moments with friends and family that life is all about. Just remember, it will take time for the new systems to work.

28 – 15 In general, time management and keeping up with weekly chores, events, and appointments isn’t much of a problem. But you may feel that you are slipping a little recently. It’s likely from some life change – a new job, relationship, or home, or the loss of one of these things. Stop for a moment and reassess your priorities. Take the time to add structure to you daily life. Giving yourself time to reassess will allow you some breathing room and hopefully decrease stress. But, if you have always struggled a little, learning new ways to schedule your To-Dos will help.

15 – 1 You are pathologically productive! Nothing gets by you and you are careful to watch for danger zones.  You see the benefits to structuring your tasks and your family is accomplishing what you set out to do.