Ready for School

Three day weekends are the bomb! The extra day makes all the difference. We can catch up on household demands and spend time with family and friends. There is also time to deal with something that has been nagging at us or time to get ahead. In our household, Labor Day weekend was all about the do-over. The first week of school went pretty well, but tweaking and streamlining was the order of that holiday weekend.

After spending much of August purchasing school supplies, clothes, and new shoes now is the time for the check list… the time to review the past week and do what is needed to asssure a successful school year.

  • Simplify your child’s life. Working together, de-clutter his room and drawers, leaving only the essentials: on-season clothes he’ll wear, toys and games he uses, memorabilia and collections he really cares about, and decorations that enhance rather than distract.
  • Create a homework station. Eliminate stress and wasted time by having a complete set of age-appropriate supplies available at her desk or designated bin in the kitchen. Store extra report folders and project supplies nearby. Request a list from the teacher, if necessary.
  • Designate a launching pad. Select an easily accessible area the backpack and jacket call home. Create consistency with a regular reminder to deliver these items to their drop zone when coming home and when preparing for the next day.
  • Establish a routine. Make lunches, select outfits, and deliver backpacks to the launching pad the night before. Develop a consistent time to do homework. Allow for extra-curricular activities and recreation and schedule TV /gaming time. Be consistent and communicate expectations.
  • Prepare for the cold. Fall is coming. Avoid scrambling on that first chilly morning by replacing seasonal items now. Replace towel and swim goggles with a jacket and rain gear before it gets cold.
  • Create master schedule. Mark all school dates on calendar.  Add each child’s activities in different colors. Also plan volunteer activities. When the calendar begins to get full, be ready to say “No” when asked. Practice- “My plate is full right now.”