Four Steps to Organize Any Space

The same steps can always be taken for any organizing project. Whether it’s a small drawer or large closet, here are steps that will help manage the process.

1. Commit + Clear Out: Commit to one space at a time. Commit + complete so you avoid spreading overwhelming messes across the house. When you have chosen one space, either clear it out or sort through it so you get a chance to see everything.

2. Sort: When all objects are spread on the table/floor, sort the items between — Toss, Donate, Move, Keep. Using large totes or trash bags for this process is helpful. As you’re sorting consider if you love it, need it, or use it. If none of the above, then toss/donate it! Put all items in their designated bag/tote.

3. Style: Now it’s time to arrange the “keep” items in their space. Put heavily used items in the front or a more accessible location. Place small items in containers from around your house or if containers are needed, write them down on a list to purchase. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t purchase any bins/containers before this step. Otherwise, you’ll collect items that may not work for this space.

4. Maintain: In order to have a successful organized space, there’s always upkeep. Continue to check the space regularly – move items to where they belong and toss items that you don’t need, use, or love.