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Organize to Entertain

  The holidays are the time to gather with friends and family. We enjoy conversation, laughter and togetherness. We reminisce the past and reveal our plans for the future.  Being the one who brings this together offers great satisfaction and appreciation. Yet many of us hesitate to do so. Planning a party may seem too over whelming, with too many hurdles to overcome. But once the desire to entertain is moved up the priority list, a strategy can be devised to achieve this goal. Less is More- the simpler entertaining is, the more likely you will do it. Reduce stress

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Scheduling August

In the last week of summer one year, I called the preschool my son was registered to attend three days a week, asking, “Do you have any five day a week classes for four year olds?” The secretary laughed and said she receives lots of requests for that in the last week of summer. Both the school year and summer are two weeks too long. Why is that? Remember when we couldn’t wait for summer to begin? When the pressure of so many to- do’s, end of school year activities and assignments, left us aching for the slower pace of

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