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A Winning Transition

After putting shot after shot powerfully into the net or deep behind the back line during a tennis lesson, my instructor stopped feeding me balls and said, “Terry, what you need to be thinking is- this is hard. When faced with a center court approach shot, just get the ball back over, it’s no time for a winner.” The end-of-summer/ school year transition is upon us. Just as we reached those more relaxed days of summer, back-to-school preparation and seasonal and activity change is here. What you should be thinking is- this is hard. Once you acknowledge that this is

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Scheduling August

In the last week of summer one year, I called the preschool my son was registered to attend three days a week, asking, “Do you have any five day a week classes for four year olds?” The secretary laughed and said she receives lots of requests for that in the last week of summer. Both the school year and summer are two weeks too long. Why is that? Remember when we couldn’t wait for summer to begin? When the pressure of so many to- do’s, end of school year activities and assignments, left us aching for the slower pace of

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The Good Stuff of Life

“It’s a show about nothing.”  George Costanza Weekends are a blur. They are about keeping up with household demands, family activities and finishing work- related loose-ends.  Free time with my husband, Andy, fills in what’s left. To spend good time with kids in the summer, I’ve found mid-week dinner-out to be a great time for fun and relaxing conversation.  Everyone seems less anxious to be moving onto the next thing. Last night, dinner was pizza and salad at George’s, a favorite nearby Greek restaurant. Pizza out is just better than at home. We talk while waiting to be served. At

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