The Good Stuff of Life

“It’s a show about nothing.”  George Costanza

Weekends are a blur. They are about keeping up with household demands, family activities and finishing work- related loose-ends.  Free time with my husband, Andy, fills in what’s left. To spend good time with kids in the summer, I’ve found mid-week dinner-out to be a great time for fun and relaxing conversation.  Everyone seems less anxious to be moving onto the next thing.

Last night, dinner was pizza and salad at George’s, a favorite nearby Greek restaurant. Pizza out is just better than at home. We talk while waiting to be served. At George’s we admire the kitschy Greek decorations. The photos and maps inspire fantasies of Mediterranean travel.

The meal was especially fun as we were served by George. He was delighted when I complimented the wine he selected and emptied the bottle into my glass, as he shared information about the wine. We all admired the pride he took in pleasing us.


When Jerry and George were pitching a show for Hollywood producers, George angrily insisted the show’s theme be “Nothing’”. You’ve got to admire a successful show that parodies itself. But then Seinfeld was really 9 seasons of irony. Why else would we laugh at 4 selfish people week after week for so many years? We all understood the 30 minutes of hilarity spent with Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer was brilliant because the opposite was true. As much as they tried to convince us that self-indulgence was virtue, we knew better. The show was ultimately a weekly reminder that family, friends and simple pleasures, like dining out, are the good stuff of life.