Best of 2019 Staging

Staging is about creating the broadest appeal for potential buyers. Each house has unique features that require special attention. But, we can’t help but to have our favorites. Here is a list of TLC Home’s Top Ten of 2019.

1. Budget Space
Given a budget of $500 dollars, we chose to bring in a small dining set and accessorize the white-painted kitchen to create the biggest effect per dollar. A few beachy touches just made sense in this Pasadena split foyer. SOLD in just two weeks!
2. Quickest High Dollar Sale
“In Compass Pointe, a neighborhood in Pasadena, where it normally takes several months to sell a home,
this 7500 square foot home sold on Day 1″ says Sandra Lastner, the homeowner/realtor.
3. Living Room
A recent TLC Home favorite! We loved Staging this newly constructed townhouse in Annapolis. Brookfield Residential gave us a beautiful canvas to work with. If you’d like to see the current listing of this gorgeous property: 551 Leftwich Lane
4. Child’s Room
It can be fun to incorporate existing wallpaper and paint. We nailed it in this Severna Park girls room.
I’d been waiting so long to use that llama! We were so happy to find it a home.
5. Unique Space
Homeowner left a few items to work with, but it had no specific identity. We brought in gaming chairs, a few accessories and crates to create a relaxed, teen hang out space in this 55+ community home in Millersville. Perfect for grandkids!
6. Greatest Success Story
This Tremont Drive property had been on the market for 14 months… with a new realtor, a staging consultation, and limited staging, this property sold in 6 days at original asking price. Look what a little staging can do!
7. Mini Touch
The little touches can have a powerful impact. Working with the beautiful wall color, drapery, and loveseat, we brought in a few key pieces to help the buyer imagine a cozy reading nook in their bedroom.
8. Master Bedroom
The beautiful smoky green walls inspired this elegant look. The bedroom was large, so lots of texture, comfy pillows and calming artwork were in order to create a dreamy atmosphere.
9. TLC Touch
The homeowner had beautiful furniture to work with. It was our job to find the best way to rearrange it. Additionally, we added accessories for the final TLC Touch.
10. Tablescape
And just for fun, here is our favorite dining display of the year. Black and gold are just so elegant! The blue touches completed the coordinated look throughout the rest of the Annapolis townhouse.