Transition Pitfall #7: The Delegating Dilemma

One client, Julie, had taken great pride in the do-it-all reputation she acquired. She believed if she never stopped moving she’d get to achieve all of her goals. But the stress was taking its toll on her home life and marriage, and her health. She resisted delegating and hiring the help. Julie needed to balance her priorities with her finances and learn to do less, hire and delegate more, and also lower the bar a tad.

TLC Home can help you sort through your responsibilities to find which ones are priorities for you to accomplish and which ones you can let go of and delegate.  Delegation may mean hiring someone, or it may mean transferring a responsibility to another family member or another member of a Board you serve on.  We are only one person, but we are surrounded by others with expertise and time that we may not have.  Let us help you find places to delegate, and reclaim some time for your real priorities.