Transition Pitfall #6: Driving without Rest Stops

CANI (can I?) stands for Constant And Never-ending Improvement. That is so me, it should be my vanity tag. I consider CANI a good thing. It’s satisfying, even exciting, to strive to do better. But what you have to watch out for is Constant And Never-ending Transition or CANT. Notice how that spells can’t?

Sometimes it feels we like we are constantly transitioning. But if you truly are, then you are in a Constant And Never-ending State Of Stress or CAN-S.O.S.

Another way to think of this is The Do-it-all-’til-you-scream Syndrome

I had a client, Jenny, who worked full time, took care of home and family, trained for Iron Girl, was Room Mom, and still had hopes of scrapbooking, sewing and more. Jenny broke into tears almost every other session. She was stuck with her gas pedal on full throttle, and needed me (her speed bump) to help her focus on what was feasible and enjoyable.

Let TLC Home be your rest stop, your break in a go-go-go mentality.  We can help you create maintainable systems that will ensure you have time to enjoy the scenery.