Productivity: It’s All in Your Head

Counting down to daylight savings time with the hope of getting more done? Our daily challenge is to maximize productivity. But how? More light helps, but the amount of hours and energy in the day are finite. Rather than resort to multi-tasking, resulting in neither task done optimally, try thinking in terms of multi-purpose activites to make the most of your day.
Go mindless- a great way to both relax and get something done is to incorporate daily pick-up time into your routine. Skip any anger or resentment. Own it! (Acceptance is key to the success of this transformation.) Then begin a regular routine of putting every item that is out of place back where it belongs. This can be a cathartic, calming activity, if you can get your mind there.
Maximize Socialize – Book group is a fantastic way to combine social and hobby time. Other ways to make girlfriend time productive are wine and paint, (if you’ll hang or give the creation,) movie night with kids, (entertain the kids downstairs, while you gab upstairs,) or most productive of all, try cooking and freezing several meals with a friend. Tip:a Tastefully Simple rep can help you with this.
Triple Play- TV often has a dulling effect, leaving us just as tired after we turn it off, as when we turned it on. How can you enjoy guilt-freeTV time, be refreshed by it, and get something done? Easy! Pick a show, movie or documentary in an inspiring subject and keep a brain-storming notepad handy. Record new ideas, tasks, or those nagging things you realized you’d forgotten throughtout the show. When it’s over, the clutter is out of your mind and new ideas are ready for you.
Curl your milk- Get fit and get something done by turning common daily and weekly activities into heart strenghtening, calorie-burning, muscle developing opportunities. Walk the dog…faster, pace while talking on the phone, raise those grocery bags high while carrying them into the house. Developing the mindest that chores are good for you, offers the added bonus of more energy. Win, win!

Getting stuff done successfully is the culmination of excellent planning and prioritizing, managing your energy, and acceptance of limitations. Knowing you are doing your best, tweaking efficiency, and developing creative and positive ways of thinking about your tasks will help you get the most out of you.