Charming Staged House in Pasadena, MD

This Pasadena waterfront property was attractive and intriguing, with a couple challenges to keep things interesting! A small cottage with a lovely, relaxed water view, the house had been renovated to keep as much of the original character as possible – and there was a lot of character. The home was originally designed with rich, warm shiplap interior paneling that had very  rich coloring that brought charm, and challenges. The size of the living space, the renovated wooden interior, and a uniquely small set of rooms upstairs created the most significant challenges that could have prevented potential homeowners from seeing themselves in the space.



The small cottage house had limited living space  and, at first glance, even less space for relaxing.    I divided the living space, creating two seating areas, a living  area and a quiet sitting area oriented toward the waterview. Now potential buyers could see the possibilities of the living room. Creating multiple spaces in one room helps the buyers  envision how they might make use of it in their own way. Much better than a small, empty room.



The original wood interior was beautiful, and so was the newly renovated kitchen. But the modernity of the stark white kitchen and the encompassing feel of the warm, cognac wood created two disparate feelings in the house. The wood emphasized masculine styles and required a little softening throughout the house. The living room furniture helped to soften the wood paneling and cohesive decor throughout the house helped to bring the authentic feel of the wood and the contemporary look of the kitchen into a more blended and relaxed atmosphere. Just a few nautical touches throughout the home, combined with more feminine decor, helped to create a relaxing atmosphere that men and women could connect with.

Totaling two rooms of small and smaller, the Upper level was a challenge all on its own.  The first room was just big enough to work as a bedroom, but the wood paneling and curved ceiling required earthy and feminine textures to tone down the intense shiplap style.  The second room was      too small to envision as a bedroom, even for a child. Fortunately, the atmosphere of the house inspired my own burst of creativity and took me back to my roots. The room was a perfect hobby room! An easel, art supplies, and a relaxing piece of art I had painted a lifetime ago was all it took to turn two tiny rooms into a cozy and cute retreat space. I was able to display the potential of two small rooms and, hopefully, that would spark buyers’ own interests and help them to imagine possible functions.