How We Work

TLC Home is here to create a customized approach to help you meet your organizing goals.


Whether you have committed to an organized lifestyle or just considering organizational changes in your home, we begin with a 15 minute phone consultation.

At this time, we can learn more about your needs and goals and you will learn how we will work together to achieve them.

(You may request a self-assessment by email, to determine if we are a good match for your needs.)


Next we schedule an in-home assessment, if needed. Or if you know you are ready to begin, we can schedule your first organizing session. Either way, we will go over our Agreement and payment schedule, if you select a package from the pricing options, at our first visit.

When we are ready to organize together, I will send you a Welcome Letter describing how to be prepared and how we can make most of our session.


Then we organize together! We get you started on the organized life you’ve been dreaming of. In the first session we will pick the area to begin. You will learn my 5 C method of organization and you will be blown away by how much we accomplish.

You won’t need any bins or containers at this time. We’ll make do with what we find around the house. Once we’ve selected the best system for you, I’ll give you a list of items to purchase or you can hire us to purchase them for you.

Love your home; feel great about your spaces!

Stay in touch, ask questions, and be sure to take advantage of the free follow-up consultation, if you purchased a package.

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