Organizing & Staging

Organized Spaces – Before and After Photos



Basement –

The path to the laundry area was made treacherous by years of accumulation and inadequate storage. Area was divided into two distinct zones- one for kids’ activities and one for storage. Laundry is out of sight of living area and simple to access with clearly defined path.


Holiday Closet –

Putting away Christmas decorations was an unpleasant chore. The task was simplified by maximizing the storage space and labeling. Everything is easier to put away and now there is room for other seasonal items on the side shelves, as well.


Home Office Closet –

Closet had no clear identity. Office closet held clothing and craft supplies, as well as office and marketing supplies. Work can get done more efficiently in a calmer, better organized space.


Tweens Room –

10 year old’s room was always a mess, complained mom. We categorized, created easily accessible homes for favorite items and, most importantly, left instructions for How to Clean a Room.


Foyer –

The stress began when the family entered the home. Zones were created for individual family members, excess storage supplies up off of the floor and sports equipment reassigned to the garage. Bringing in a larger brighter rug was the final step to creating a more welcoming entry.


Home Office –

The floor and furniture were piled with the debris of an unrealistic amount of things to do. We soon discovered the owner didn’t have space problems, but rather scheduling and time management issues. Owner is learning to prioritize. Less is more goes for tasks, as well.



Garage –

Since home owners entered their home through the garage, they want to be welcomed by an attractive space. They also wanted a garage they could party in, as well as park a car. All needed supplies fit in attractive cabinetry and larger supplies are mounted on the walls. Looks great!


Back Porch –

The screened-in porch became the delayed- decision graveyard- the home for “I don’t know what to do with this stuff.” Once the goal was verbalized that owner wanted a comfortable place to relax in, it was easy to move the unwanted items along.